GN 9120 1800x900

GN 9120

GN 9120 is a cordless headset and base unit for GN Netcom.

GN Netcom wanted a cordless headset that was visually related to the GN 2100 headset family. Among the design issues were size, usability, appearance and acoustic performance.

The soft shaped silver boom and the chrome ring on the housing were added to make the headset appear smaller and give it a more mobile phone-like appeal. The soft-touch buttons have embossed symbols for easy identification when the headset is being worn. The user has a choice of using either an earhook or a headband.

The simple format of the base unit fits in everywhere, and is a nice visual contrast to the more complex headset shape.

GN 9120 received the Japanese G-Mark Good Design Award in 2003, and the German IF Design Award in 2004.