Forno Spin

A gas fueled pizza oven for Morsø. The spinning stone ensures evenly baked pizzas. Materials are cast aluminum, plastic and ceramic.

Parker Analog

An automatic parking watch for Stelton. The dial is easy to read, and relates to other dials found in cars. The Graphics are luminous so they are readable in the dark.

Forno Gas

A gas BBQ for Morsø. Forno Gas is part of the Forno Family. It features direct and indirect heating. Materials are pressure cast aluminum, cast iron and Bakelite.

NAC sauterpande

Cast iron cookware for Morsø. The design is simple with soft transitions to the handles and knobs. The oak handles give a nice contrast to the enamelled cast iron. The cocotte lids can also be used as pans. Cast iron is great for slow food 🙂


Salt & pepper grinders for Stelton. The design tries to capture the essence of a grinder – a nice knob and a spout. The result is a shape that is geometric and natural at the same time. A paper towel holder is also part of the family.


6600 is a cast iron stove for Morsø. The center door design gives a more open stove than traditional designs with fewer and larger glass panes. The elliptical shape also increases the visible front surface without increasing the overall size of the stove.


Freja is a reinterpretation of a classic pitcher. The wicker handle gives a nice contrast to the stainless steel body, and will develop a patina over time. Freja received the Design Plus award in 2015.


An outdoor fireplace for Morsø. Kamino places the fire away from the ground and up in a more visible position. The shape is a simple transition from the round fireplace to the chimney. The materials are cast iron and stainless steel.

Jabra Speak 810

A larger version of Jabra Speak 510. It features the same touch sensitive interface, Bluetooth connectivity and integrated cable management as its smaller sibling, but in a format suitable for larger group conference calls

Gill Forno

A BBQ/fireplace for Morsø. Grill Forno is a smaller sibling of the Forno oven, combining the qualities and practicality of a closed BBQ with the cosiness of a fireplace. It runs on either briquettes or wood. The materials are enamelled cast iron, teak and stainless steel.