Jabraspeak 510

Jabra wanted to develop a small speakerphone for one-to-one or small group conference calls. Key design considerations were sound quality, portability and usability. The resulting design features a touch sensitive control ring around the speaker, and integrated cable management around the base. Jabraspeak 510 is a Bluetooth version of 410. Jabra Speak received the IF

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An outdoor oven for Morsø. Trying a traditional pizza oven during a vacation in Italy started the project. The design is based on the geometry and elements of a traditional stone oven, combining a circular stone platform, a low curved ceiling, a small chimney and a front opening into a simple orb-like shape. The oven

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Bread bags for Stelton. With the theme lent from a miller’s corn sack, the bread bag is a simple three-in-one solution: 1. With the sides folded down, the bag has a “normal” bread basket size. 2. Fold the sides up, and there is room for twice as much. 3. Close the bag with the hidden

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A key ring for Georg Jensen. The design was based on two requirements: A key ring should be nice to touch and comfortable to have in a pocket. Changing keys should not involve the risk of breaking your nails. A durable polyurethane strap that is locked by a polished stainless steel part provided the solution

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